Sunday, 1 May 2011

Labour Day

Unfortunately, this Labour Day falls on Sunday, so I didn't quite have that holiday feeling, but still..
My brother and I went on traditional bicycle tour, which was about 20km long (both ways) to sit by the river, eat traditional bean soup and rest our tired muscles, especially mine, which are not used to intensified efforts ;) My poor little speed-less city bike managed quite well through ups and downs. I expect it to fall apart suddenly, on a flat road, on my way to work tomorrow :)

My school brake is over, unfortunately, 10 beautiful days without a flute sound...Well, tomorrow, same old story..But summer hollidays are getting closer, thankfully!

Oh, yes, and we have an improvement here on my blog, I added a music widget, so you'll have a music bacground while reading these words! :)

These are a few photos I took today while cycling arround my town...


  1. I'm getting nostalgic, Croatia looks so much better on your photos then in reality..maybe blurry is not that bad:-)

  2. Hahaha! Maybe you're right! :))