Monday, 31 January 2011

Pink Kingdom

I have been questioning a lot of things about myself and Others lately, which is a process that can often be quite painful...

But spending a few hours in The Pink Kingdom yesterday, where one of the Princesses who lived there celebrated her 4th birthday (and the other one was wholeheartedly helping her with that), helped me heal the wounds in my poor, exhausted soul. :) It was a good (and cheap) therapy!

 Birthday Girl

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Day for a Daydream: London

All images via

Today is just one of those days when I wish I was somewhwere else. Today I missed London. Or is it just the book I am reading, set in this monumental, flamboyant, traditional, yet laid back and so cool city...

Looking at these photos I could sense that certain kind of atmosphere I felt so intensely when I was there....(sigh)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Queens & Gentlemen

Mr.Darcy <3

Rough, rebellious guys have a certain kind of wild, untamed charm, I must admit. But, as I am getting older, I prefer those wild at heart, but perfectly polished gentlemen with an impeccable manners on the surface, who treat their ( and every other) lady like a queen. Always.

I think no woman should settle for less than that.

About London, Twins and Cemeteries

Audrey Niffeneggger's latest novel Her Fearful Symmetry, which I am reading right now, talks about identical twin sisters, Americans, who are coming to London for the first time to live. Their aunt, whom they never met and who recently died, left them a flat in a house at the very edge of famous London Highgate Cemetery, but under strange conditions.
As I am in the phase of "bestsellers", (my brain currently can't process anything more complicated than a cookbook ;), I really do enjoy the quirqy atmosphere of the book, emphasised by using phenomenon of identical twins and spiced up with the closeness of Highgate Cemetery and all the dead souls that inhabit this place.

Although, in my opinion, some things could have beeen done better, I think this is a good passtime read. And just what I need right now. :)

These are a few pictures of the Highgate Cemetery. My new London destination next time.:)


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Story about a Little Sparkle of Warmth

A little Sparkle of Warmth lived in the Cold North, in the land of eternal snow and ice. Surrounded with her brothers, Cold Winds, and being the youngest in the family, she often felt  lonely. She wasn't strong as them, nor she was as nearly as fast as them, so they usually left her home when they were going on their travels around the World.

A Little Sparkle of Warmth became very sad. She wanted to travel around the World with her brothers, Cold Winds, to see places they have seen, to meet people, to find a friend, but she was too small, too weak and too slow.

One day, as she was wandering alone, a Little Girl approached to her. A girl said: "Hello!"  A Little Sparkle of Warmth was astonished. No one ever noticed her, she was always invisible to everyone.

"Are you alone?" asked the girl.
"I am always alone, " said  Sparkle.
"Why? Don't you have any friends?" a girl kept asking.
"No one ever noticed me, you are the first one,"  a Little Sparkle of Warmth replied.
"Why are you so sad?" the girl was curious.
"I want to treavel around the World with my brothers, Cold Winds, riding on their Ice Horses, but I am too weak, to small and too slow."
"I will take you to see the World!" said a Little Girl. A Little Sparkle of Warmth looked at her, surprised.
"You can't travel with Ice Horses and Cold Winds. They are too strong and too...cold. You need to travel safely, in a warm place. You will travel in my Heart.", a girl said.

And so, a Little Girl took Sparkle of Warmth to see the World, carrying her in her Heart. A Sparkle of Warmth was so happy. She visited  places her brothers never have and been further than they ever will. She met so many people and find a lot of friends. Although she was still invisible, everyone knew when she was around, because she loved to be disguised as a Sparkle of the Eye, a Smile, a Kind Word, a Touch of a Hand. And although small and weak, she could light up the flame in many hearts and bring loughter and joy everywhere she would go.

I think I cought a glimps of her with my camera, she just briefly appeared in Katarina's eyes, getting ready for a new journey around the World.:)


A cold Tuesday in January

Today I just wish I could have switched places with this creature in the basket...:)

Friday, 21 January 2011

Today I'm in love with.....

...bright colors & retro design

by Anthropologie

....old tools of a trade

by John Kratz

...imaginative outfits

by Anthropologie
via Garance Dore

...THESE shoes, yes, right here. THE shoes.
by  Coclico I produced. For a change ;)

by ousaraoupiora

...warmness of wood in all its forms

via Artessen

...notebook doodles

by the notebook doodles

 ...spoiling yourself

...the meaning of friendship.

via heartbreat

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Day for a Daydream: A House

Sometimes I like to watch american family TV movies of  a B-production. It is because of their family houses. Although they look kind of plastic-fantastic, still they posess certain kind of kitschy charm that I find adorable if you don't take it seriously ;). That made me browse through houses I would like to live in, some day when I grow up. :)

Here are some of them, which have that certain something that makes me want to inhabit the inside of their walls...

The windows. Definitely.

Lovely English cottage from the movie Holiday


This one looks so....edible. Like a big vanilla cake :)

Goregeous victorian house from the movie Practical Magic. Even with the tower ;)

Hmm, when I look at my choice, I guess I'm a more of a rustic type ;)....

Monday, 17 January 2011

Vintage Queen

This lamp on a  crystal stand is my newest vintage treasure from the flea market. The guy who sold it to me sweared on his wife (well, I guess his wife is not of great importance to him ;)) that it was 50 years old, which I doubt, but doesn't matter. It was so gorgeously kitschy, that I simply had to buy it!

And when all the other lights go down....

A Splash of Colour, a Touch of Smile

As much as I like winter and it's misty silence, these bright colours put a  smile on my face during a  weekend exploration of suburban rural areas with my most frequently exploited model - my brother, this time in the role of a - ranger boy. :) It was a nice walk!

Cocky fellow ;)

Lumber Jack :))

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Old Secrets

I like to believe that every person, every place and every thing has it's own secrets..

A week ago my brother and I went for a trip to the old, abandoned castle in Severin, about 50km away from the town we live in. It was built in 16th century, with the old Chapel of St.Florian in the park surrounding it. The park itself is proclaimed to be a park of nature, which was a surprise to me, considering the very  poor condition of it.

Anyway, walking around it, humble and fascinated, we silently kept asking ourselves what kind of secrets do these old, ruined walls keep...

The view from the castle walls

My brother aka Prince Charming :)

The Chapel of St Florian

The inside of the chapel was particularly fascinating to me...

A young deer that we saw on our way back, it came like a departing gift. Truly a miracle...

The mystery, and little, hidden miracles marked that afternoon. Every day should be like this, I thought on my way back...