Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Story about a Little Sparkle of Warmth

A little Sparkle of Warmth lived in the Cold North, in the land of eternal snow and ice. Surrounded with her brothers, Cold Winds, and being the youngest in the family, she often felt  lonely. She wasn't strong as them, nor she was as nearly as fast as them, so they usually left her home when they were going on their travels around the World.

A Little Sparkle of Warmth became very sad. She wanted to travel around the World with her brothers, Cold Winds, to see places they have seen, to meet people, to find a friend, but she was too small, too weak and too slow.

One day, as she was wandering alone, a Little Girl approached to her. A girl said: "Hello!"  A Little Sparkle of Warmth was astonished. No one ever noticed her, she was always invisible to everyone.

"Are you alone?" asked the girl.
"I am always alone, " said  Sparkle.
"Why? Don't you have any friends?" a girl kept asking.
"No one ever noticed me, you are the first one,"  a Little Sparkle of Warmth replied.
"Why are you so sad?" the girl was curious.
"I want to treavel around the World with my brothers, Cold Winds, riding on their Ice Horses, but I am too weak, to small and too slow."
"I will take you to see the World!" said a Little Girl. A Little Sparkle of Warmth looked at her, surprised.
"You can't travel with Ice Horses and Cold Winds. They are too strong and too...cold. You need to travel safely, in a warm place. You will travel in my Heart.", a girl said.

And so, a Little Girl took Sparkle of Warmth to see the World, carrying her in her Heart. A Sparkle of Warmth was so happy. She visited  places her brothers never have and been further than they ever will. She met so many people and find a lot of friends. Although she was still invisible, everyone knew when she was around, because she loved to be disguised as a Sparkle of the Eye, a Smile, a Kind Word, a Touch of a Hand. And although small and weak, she could light up the flame in many hearts and bring loughter and joy everywhere she would go.

I think I cought a glimps of her with my camera, she just briefly appeared in Katarina's eyes, getting ready for a new journey around the World.:)


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