Sunday, 16 January 2011

Old Secrets

I like to believe that every person, every place and every thing has it's own secrets..

A week ago my brother and I went for a trip to the old, abandoned castle in Severin, about 50km away from the town we live in. It was built in 16th century, with the old Chapel of St.Florian in the park surrounding it. The park itself is proclaimed to be a park of nature, which was a surprise to me, considering the very  poor condition of it.

Anyway, walking around it, humble and fascinated, we silently kept asking ourselves what kind of secrets do these old, ruined walls keep...

The view from the castle walls

My brother aka Prince Charming :)

The Chapel of St Florian

The inside of the chapel was particularly fascinating to me...

A young deer that we saw on our way back, it came like a departing gift. Truly a miracle...

The mystery, and little, hidden miracles marked that afternoon. Every day should be like this, I thought on my way back...


  1. odlično! i priča i slike, i činjenica da je kapelica bila otvorena. i usred sve te ruine, jedan prozor na slici ima sva stakla :)
    a o jelenu neću ni govoriti, koji maneken..

  2. Jelen nije bio tamo, on je bio smješten u nekom velikom rezervatu blizu Bosiljeva. Al ga je svejedno trebalo ulovit :)

    Hvala ti, Zube! <3