Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Day for a Daydream: A House

Sometimes I like to watch american family TV movies of  a B-production. It is because of their family houses. Although they look kind of plastic-fantastic, still they posess certain kind of kitschy charm that I find adorable if you don't take it seriously ;). That made me browse through houses I would like to live in, some day when I grow up. :)

Here are some of them, which have that certain something that makes me want to inhabit the inside of their walls...

The windows. Definitely.

Lovely English cottage from the movie Holiday


This one looks so....edible. Like a big vanilla cake :)

Goregeous victorian house from the movie Practical Magic. Even with the tower ;)

Hmm, when I look at my choice, I guess I'm a more of a rustic type ;)....

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