Wednesday, 26 January 2011

About London, Twins and Cemeteries

Audrey Niffeneggger's latest novel Her Fearful Symmetry, which I am reading right now, talks about identical twin sisters, Americans, who are coming to London for the first time to live. Their aunt, whom they never met and who recently died, left them a flat in a house at the very edge of famous London Highgate Cemetery, but under strange conditions.
As I am in the phase of "bestsellers", (my brain currently can't process anything more complicated than a cookbook ;), I really do enjoy the quirqy atmosphere of the book, emphasised by using phenomenon of identical twins and spiced up with the closeness of Highgate Cemetery and all the dead souls that inhabit this place.

Although, in my opinion, some things could have beeen done better, I think this is a good passtime read. And just what I need right now. :)

These are a few pictures of the Highgate Cemetery. My new London destination next time.:)


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