Thursday, 10 February 2011

My Turkish Affair

During our coffee break today, my friend and I were remembering our summer vacation in Turkey 2 years ago. With lots of laughing, we both concluded we had the time of our lives. It was then I fell in love with this beautiful colorful country and Istanbul, Paris of the Orient, as one of my friends called it.

Back home, looking at the photos I took there, I realised I miss it so much...

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Fishing at the Bosphorus, Istanbul

Turkish coffee

Jewelry, Grand Pazar, Istanbul


Street restaurant, Istanbul

Restaurant in Taxim, Istanbul

Lamp shop

In the Street, Istanbul

Istanbul cat :)

Salesman, Grand Pazar, Istanbul

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul


Sunset in Dardanelli

The author of this blog, enjoying herself :)


  1. divne slike, divna haljina. divan grad. sljedeći put sjeti me se na pazaru:)

  2. Hvala Zuba! <3
    haljina je istanbulska ;)predivan grad, nadam se da ću jednom opet otići!