Tuesday, 15 February 2011

About Red Roses and Valentine's Day

I 've always thought Valentine's Day is overrated and discriminating. A good marketing trick for fools. Fools in love. I still think so...
But, for some reason, this year's Valentine's Day became important to me. I expected a red rose. A special red rose.
It turned out I didn't get any.

But, instead, I got a chocolate box from my mother. I got a brown bag from my dad. I got a small glass vase from my grandma. And I got a magnet heart for a fridge from my friend.

I realised I don't need red roses to remind me that I am still loved. In many ways.

So, next year, I will be fully prepared. I will buy a big, gorgeous red rose and wait for the Valentine's Day. And when that day finally comes, I will give the rose to myself. Because this love is hardest one to learn.


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  2. Just as long as you know that someone loves you, nothing else matters. I love your blog!

  3. Thank you Teuvo and thank you Garden Girl! Greetings from Croatia!