Monday, 20 December 2010

Monday after

My friend Lili turned 50 yesterday, so she threw a big party, with looooooots of gooood food and many other hedonistic sensations....

Lili, birthday gal

Fran, my brother, with a big happy smile :)

And, after that, a  Monday morning came, serene, lazy, inactive.....It would be so nice to stay at home, drink tea for my sore throat, read books ( desperately hooked on Stieg Larsson), and watch my cat do all the little mean stuff he isn't allowed to do :)...

One of my recent treasures from Amazon

 All photos by me


  1. just beautiful!iliti, čista ljepota.

  2. Stvaras sjajne fotke! dobro je Ana rekla - cista ljepota. bas sam hepi sto sam nabasala na ovaj caroban blogic!
    I...Obozavam macju obozavam sve kod njih

  3. Hvala, millie! Puno mi to znači! ;)