Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A Day for a Daydream: Sweden

There are some days, and on those days you usually have nothing special to do, so you have pretty much time to imagine all the things you're usually too busy to think of. Let's call it daydreaming. Do you know that feeling when you wish to be somewhere else, do something else, visit places you never visited, do things you never did, eat food you never ate? There are some days when this feeling is more intense than usual. It's not that you're unsatisfied with your current life, it's just that sometimes you are more sensitive to the calls of a distance..

I've never been to Sweden, but I would love to visit the homeland of Stieg Larsson, whose novel and it's northern atmosphere still inhabit my mind...

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Swedish Bicycle

Kullens, Sweden

Kaffe Konditori Valand, Stockholm

Guest Dessert Table from Sweden

A Tea Shop in Stockholm
Workspace from Elle Interior Sweden

Story Hotel in Stockholm
Swedish River Villa
Origami tablescape by Lo Bjurulf for Ikea Sweden
Swedish home

Frida Gustavsson, Elle Sweden
Sweden in the Summertime by Mikael Jansson  

Stieg Larsson

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