Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Decisions & plans

After barely surviving this morning (I guess I managed it only with heaven's help, I was feeling so sick I thought I would die), my mind was occupied with much more trivial thoughts during the day. I was thinking about upcoming Christmas Eve and  dinner I am preparing for my family. I decided to prepare a carp which I bought few hours later, it weighed 2 kilos and it was almost bigger than my cat :). I've never done it before and I hope I would know how to deal with that animal, staring at me with its eyes from a fridge shelf .

Jellied carp by Bozena Wojtaszek

This year I decided to be eco friendly, so I am not going to have a pine christmas tree, but a branch from a nearby wild bushes, which  I am going to decorate with handmade paper snowflakes, pine cones and small Christmas lights. I decided not to buy any other decoration. I made quite a few decisions, didn't I? ;)

Via Canadian House & Home

by cassia


The only thing I have to think about are the presents for my family, my boyfriend and my dear friends, which are going to be symbolical and small. There is a certain amount of charm to it.

by duch blue

I have it all planned up. The realization is something else. ;)

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