Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Currently on the wishlist

While thinking how to improve my skills in photography and illustration and take it all a step further, I figured these are the two things essential to do it:

So, I'm working on to get it! :)

Speaking of work, this advertisment  for beauty salon that  I'm currently working on, is giving me a lot of headache..

But I hope I will work it out to everyone's satisfaction (both my client's and mine. Mine, mostly ;))
So, it will soon appear in the front of one of the buildings in my town..


  1. Hi Lana, nice work! Really like your idea for advertisment!

  2. Hej Aleksandra! Hvala za reklamu! Nisam sigurna, ali nisi li ti nešto u rodu Ivoni Maradin? ;)